Music Videos
Prince, Steve Reich, The Wallets, Ron Carter, Mazarati, The Suburbs, Gary Carr, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson
Prince / Mark Brown - Next Time

Producers: Craig Sinard / Craig Rice

Prince / Mark Brown - Bang Bang

Producers: Craig Sinard / Craig Rice

The Wallets - Totally Nude

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

The Suburbs - Tape Your Wife to the Ceiling

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

The Suburbs - Waiting

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

The Suburbs - Music for Boys

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

Steve Reich - 18 Musicians Excerpt & Interview

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

Ron Carter / Gary Carr - Performances & Interviews

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

Laurie Anderson - New Music America

Producers: Craig Sinard / Craig Rice

Mazarati - Player's Ball

Producers: Craig Sinard / Craig Rice

Bad Jazz - Live at Open Eye Figure Theatre

Video Producer: Craig Sinard

Steve Funkytown Greenberg - Fake ID

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

Zeitgeist New Music - About Us 2012

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

Music of Peter Otto

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard

Laurie Anderson - New Music America

Producer / Director: Skip Blumberg
Associate Producer: Craig Sinard

David Byrne - New Music America

Producer / Director: Skip Blumberg
Associate Producer: Craig Sinard

Edwin Johnson - Fiddler

Producer / Director: Craig Sinard


Humor opens doors to the mind. Comedy can help educate, train, market, and tell a story. THE MEXICAN BOARDER ISSUE RESOLVED is my most recent comic work.

As a teenager in 1967/68 I took dates to Chicago’s Second City; saw Mort Sahl at Mister Kelly’s; saw The Committee in San Francisco. I loved them. Eventually I documented performances by Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater (1976), the Flying Karamazov Brothers (1977), and worked on a Dudley Riggs TV Special (1978, produced and directed by Jeff Strate, the creator of the renowned “Attack of the Burger Pods”). Later, I documented Theatre de la Jeune Lune’s hilarious fund raisers, Scott Jones’ outrageous performances, and eventually created my own work.

The Mexican Border Issue Resolved!

Written & Produced by Craig Sinard

Scott Jones - Chopsticks
Corporate Comedy

SINARD PRODUCTIONS AND SINARD MARKETING created award-winning video productions, photos, immersive dome productions; and as many print pieces, websites, SEO strategies and campaigns for over 400 Fortune 500’s, Small Businesses, Startups, and Agency clients between 1981 and now.

Following are four representative videos.


Sinard B2B / B2C Marketing

Sinard B2B / B2C Marketing

Minasian Rug Company

Case Study 1

Case Study 1

Twin City Filter Service

Case Study 2

Case Study 2


Case Study 3

Case Study 3

Virtual Reality
VR-MAX - Immersive Dome Production
Trojan Dome

Immersive Dome Production

Immersive Dome Production


Immersive Dome Production

Immersive Dome Production


is that it’s high-risk. I believed immersive dome virtual reality productions would disrupt video-wall and giant screen technologies, which were in common use at that time, at trade shows and events.

And so, in 1997, Sinard Productions became VR-MAX. ECOLAB, a Fortune 500 company, hired us to create an immersive dome production for their most important trade show at McCormick Place.

It was a tremendous success by any measure.

But immersive virtual reality domes and their productions were never widely adopted as a marketing tool; not for trade shows, not for events. Despite expensive (pre-social media) marketing efforts, between 1997 and 2011, only Ecolab, USG, Starwood Hotels, and Church & Dwight’s Trojan Condoms hired us. We were especially frustrated that we could not convince others to emulate Trojan’s significant success – their TrojanDome Tour.

Today, VR-MAX is open in name only, choosing not to buck the massive support enjoyed by head-mounted VR displays (goggles). Goggles remain a perennial boy-toy tech favorite, despite having been consistently rejected as a marketing tool.

However, my emotional response to dome productions remains unchanged. I feel that VR-MAX dome productions are “wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it’s not for the timid.” — John de Lancie as Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation “Q Who” (1989).

Tech Note: For that first production in 1997 we had to call ABC-TV, whose Monday Night Football was the ONLY show to have used HDTV technology. They and Sony Broadcast helped us find the moth-balled equipment. We believe we created THE FIRST corporate immersive virtual reality video using HDTV video technology. We used 140º FOV lenses and showed in an Elumens V5 “portable” dome. Previous immersive virtual reality productions had used the cumbersome and prohibitively expensive 70mm IMAX film cameras or low-resolution computer animations.

Triad - WXFM Chicago

Associate Editor
Triad Radio Guide

The Triad Radio Show airs on WXFM-FM, Chicago, which was supported by our free monthly magazine. We were put out of business by the appearance of a new free weekly: The Chicago Reader.


On-Air Announcer

  • KFMG-FM, Stoner, Des Moines, IA

On-Air Announcer

  • KASI, Ames, IA

General Assignment Reporter

  • WOI-TV (ABC), Ames, IA

By accident, an engineer at KTCA-TV (MSP) “bulk” erased my entire WOI-TV news career, including work both important and routine.


Segment Producer

  • KTCA-TV (PBS), St. Paul, MN
  • Wylde Ryce, Culture Affairs

Associate Producer

  • KTCA-TV (PBS), St. Paul, MN
  • Minnesota Landscapes (Special)
Double Bass
Steve Reich

Examples of work created while at KTCA:

Bone Marrow Transplant

Segment Producer

  • University of Minnesota
  • Matrix TV, Hosted by Peter Graves
  • Aired on KSTP-TV (ABC), St. Paul

St. Paul Dispatch

  • Stringer (once)
Jesse Ventura - HQ Election Night

Local Crew Wrangler, CNN Freelance Producer/Videographer

Shot raw (never-aired) footage of Jesse Ventura’s surprise election victory. No one was more surprised than Jesse.
Paul Douglas Interview

Freelance Climate Change Report

  • KFAI-FM News, Twin Cities, MN
  • Dale Connolly, News Director

Paul Douglas was newsworthy as a conservative scientist who bucked his party and religion to warn that “Climate change is real and caused by humans” — heresy to contemporary conservative thinking.

Work in Progress
Old Fart Radio

Old Fart Radio

Are you over 70 years old? Tired of the same hits played over and over and over again?

Welcome to Old Fart Radio. No head-banger music.

We air:

  • Folk (Tim Buckley, Laura Nyro)
  • Jazz (Roland Kirk, Chick Corea)
  • Rock (CNS&Y, Santana)
  • Humor (St. George Carlin, Monty Python)
  • R&B (Ray Charles, Aretha)
  • Blues (Lightnin’, Spahn, Musselwhite)
  • C&W/Old Timey (Hartford, Dixie Chicks)

Music you remember… kind of.

Launch date TBD.

Welcome to Iowa

My Iowa

(In Pre-Production)

  • Antonin Dvorak loved Iowa.
  • I love Iowa.
  • They ain’t Idiots Our Walking Around. (Mostly).
  • Meet the people that made “my Iowa”
  • “A Place to Grow.”
High End Technology

Museum of Electronic Arts

If Siggraph had a “bricks & mortar storefront,” this would be it. My fascination with beyond-the-edge visual and musical technology and art goes beyond commercialism. Artists like Morton Subotnick, Phil Morton, Dan Sandin, Tom DeFonti, Nam June Paik, Ed Emschwiller, Stiena Vaslouka all deserve a place dedicated to their work, largely ignored by traditional museums. Perhaps it’s time to open one.

Concept currently under exploration.

Hey Julie

Hey Julie (excerpt) ©2002, Craig Sinard

New Music Compositions

(Release TBA) Four previously unreleased songs by Craig Sinard:

  • Shine On Procol Harum ©2021
  • Paradise Beach Waltz ©2021
  • The Iowa National Anthem ©2021
  • Hey Julie! ©2002
Craig Sinard
Craig Sinard
Craig Sinard

I’ve included examples of projects that show favorite moments of my life’s work. As with all films and videos, what I’ve done, even my personal work, has always been a collaboration with others – the musicians, the writers, the actors, the clients, the production crews and so many more. I thank all of them. I could not have accomplished what I have done without them.

That said, “He who looks to the past has his back to the future” – Professor T., Belgian, Koen De Bouw as Jasper Teerlinck. I don’t believe in retirement. And so, I am working on the personal projects already mentioned. But I would “come out” of retirement for a

  • Experimental or local Music Video with a real budget
  • Consulting or News Director with a Solutions Journalism-driven local TV broadcast news
  • Marketing consulting for any “stuck” small-to-medium business or 501 with a real marketing budget (5% gross)
  • Dome VR project (such as a science series) or other intriguing project with a real budget

In any case, what a wondrous trip it’s been!


Craig Sinard